how to motivate yourself
how to motivate yourself
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How to motivate yourself to do something or start a business? 
Learning experiences.

This is by a founder who started a business even when there were unicorn / billion dollar companies out there. This is how he motivates.

1. Firstly, imagine you are 50 years old. Then think back to the 20’s or 30’s in which u wanted to start something. Would you regret at 50 yrs old that you did not try it out? Would you regret that this could have been done by myself but i didn’t and now I have no way of doing it at this day and age.

This should immediately get you thinking and taking the opportunity when you have one.

2. What is there to loose? if you were to do this, think of all the things which could be lost by doing this. Would you loose lots of money? Would you sacrifice everything? If there’s nothing much to loose then whats stopping you?

In fact think of all the things you could gain by this. The knowledge, Steve Jobs once said “ Knowledge can only be gotten by experience”. Knowledge is power, by trying something or doing the unknown you would know it , by failing you would learn the way to fail, the only other option is success.

3. Are you afraid of falling ? Who will judge you if you fail? Your parents, your friends? There is 7.5 billion people in the world and you are humiliated by 5 or 10 people? How would you succeed when your mindset is so narrow. Think big, think far and don’t look back. Accept failures as if they were learning lessons teaching you how to succeed. 

By accepting you become stronger, you learn how to know be positive and only grow further. Check out to learn how to embrace failure and make it part of your journey to explore more.

4. Mentally training yourself. Close your eyes and visualise the whole process coming through. Think through on how you will achieve success by completing this tasks and what other tasks are there to be done. By doing this, once you actually do it in real life it won’t feel like a burden but instead you will just follow the flow. You will also stop reacting to things and instead respond calmly. 

5. Find out what motivates you? Is it external or internal? DO you want to prove to someone or do you want it for yourself? In Maslows theory, there are 2 top level of the pyramid. One if to show others that you can do it, and the other is to prove to yourself you can do it. By identifying this, keep remembering about it and then go and do your things. This will only push you further. 

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