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User Centric Marketing for businesses Review

Its all about the customers, if you can find out who are your customers and really personalise to hit each one of them with the right messaging you have hit the million dollar jackpot. These review will be more focused on how to achieve the best marketing strategies for user centric marketing.

Surveys allows us to get very sensitive information and if used right it can do 1 hit wonders. However getting a survey done is no easy task, theres lots of considerations questions you have to ask yourself before doing it. With surveys we can identify the Top task analysis. This is where we identify what is the top task we want customers to complete and we prioritise on that task.

We start off by brainstorming every question, every objection a customer might have about your product/service. What you do is then take similar ones only and the most frequent ones and leave out the rest which are too specific. Then you break it down to statements, if things about pricing just call it pricing, then have all these categories list. The you run a survey feedback on social media to get people to rank these from 1 to 5, and then put the 1 at the top. From these top 5 use it as your marketing , your content because this is what people want from you. Now you have identified it so leverage on it and it will definitely improve your conversion rate as said by CXL institute.

How do you get to understand what your customer like, what they want, what do they seen in you so that you know the words to use to describe these to others as well. A few methods can be used to do these exercises with customers so that you know what are they referring to instead of just asking them directly and they wont know what to explain.

Methods/Excercises to understand what matters most to your customer :

1. Tell them to write a love letter and a breakup letter to us. This will tell us based on the tone how much they like something or how much they hate something.
2. Tell them to describe a waiting room before they go inside the company. Explain whats hanging on the walls, what song is running, what do they see, what colour is the room etc. This will tell you how they feel about your company. (
3. Tell them to write a book cover of your product. So they need to only summarize everything use the right words to explain the whole thing on a cover. This will let us know the main unique points only.

Now moving on to the website, how do you know if you have done the website the right way . You basically build a prototype first and then only do you testing. Prototype is just a simple design to understand whats happening. Usability focuses on three thing, can they understand it, can they find the stuff and can they do the stuff. You can test with 3 to 6 people and find out if it suits the purposes.

Meet up with 6 people, 40 minutes per person. Then tell them you are not involved in the designing at all, so that they are relaxed and can say anything they want about. Then get them to do only 3 things with the app and see how they do it. From this tell them to speak aloud and just see what they do what they think and how they do it. From this you will be amazed at what they think and how they do things for you to redo this or to know whether its fine what you have built.

Another method of testing is unfacilitated remote testing. This is whereby you record the person with a webcam to see his expressions and you record his entire screen to see what he does and how he manuvers around. One good software to use is lookback so that you can track everything. Another tool to use is Maze, where it tracks data and see how many people did correctly or wrongly and identifies the pathways taken.

Digital Marketing
There is facebook, google, instagram, twitter and linkedin to do marketing on as per cxl. Linkedin is where more B2B is done, and the rest is where all kinds of marketing can be done. Firstly you have to test out all of this platforms and see which suits you the most, pick 3 at most and then get all your resources focused there.

You also can think out of the box and try other methods, such as following the trends. If poekmon go was a hit, try and get onto their app and advertise, or how facebook got oculus because their audience were interested there.

You can also leverage digital marketing for free. All you have to do is follow the trends and find a way to do. During superbowl the lights went out and oreo used it to create a image with oreo and light shining on it and saying you still can dunk in the dark, this went viral with the hashtag. Thus its all about timing and leveraging the moments you get. Whether its bad or good reviews, everything can be leveraged upon.

As for SEO/SEM, you want to make sure you don’t only select keywords which are high volume but you want to see which resonates with your brand even though it is medium or low volume keywords. Lastly content is always king, they say companies who blog get 5x times more leads and easier to compete, because now you can find all the content in your blogs for anything you need and you can build out pages after pages on one single keyword, be it local or support local tags which can really drive traffic to you if you do it well.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on our next upcoming content on growth marketing in Asia!


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