Employee hiring
Employee hiring do and dont
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Top 4 Do’s and Dont’s hiring your first few employees

Employee hiring
Employee hiring do and dont


1. Do not hire if they are not fit for the role. No experience during your early stage would not help you at all! Instead pay abit higher and get someone experienced!

2. Don’t start from a high salary. Start low but show them how to achieve a higher salary. As long you can prove to them they will accept it.

3. Don’t put unachievable KPI’s. Kpi is just to keep them chasing but not to a point it’s impossible to achieve. They must know the steps to achieve it and what benefits they can get if achieved. Even a appreciation post makes a big impact on them.

4. Don’t micro manage them unless they asked for it or they like it. Give them the space needed to achieve it themselves. Let the first month go by for them to adjust into the environment.


1. Identify the roles. It’s extremely important here to define what is their tasks. Without this they I’ll start good but end up without any work done at all due to no clear job scope.

2. Create a long term and short terms plan for them for their KPI’s. This is tough, but if you can do it well, you will save lots of time later on when you’re growing fast. This also give you the founder an idea on where is he heading towards.

3. Have your company mission and vision always said again and again. They must never forget that. Make sure they like it and are aligned on it. Print out and keep it everywhere!

4. Have some transparency and the tools needed for achievements. Give them that space and things needed to achieve it. Ask them in fact whether they need more or anything else to achieve more? This way they will not be limited by anything.

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