new startup know how
new startup know how
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New business in Asia? 5 ways to kick-start instantly.

new startup know how

1. Prepare your pitch deck. Simple but easy to understand not only for others but yourself as well!

You can get FREE pitch deck templates here and design it urself at

2. Prepare your cash flow / projections sheet to see where you’re going to spend money and how much you’re going to get back in revenue. If you want a template send us an email for it and we will hit you right up with it for free to use on excel!

3. Your logo : Prepare a simple logo to be used on invoices, pitch, stickers flyers etc.

Cheapest way to get good designs use Everything starts from only $5.00

4. Get some funding to kick-start your startup!

Best way is to use a crowd funding platform to such as or they allow you to get money from the crowd. Otherwise ask your families and friends first to see if they believe in your idea or not!

5. Create a website! By far this is the most important to spread the word. We will go in details in other posts. However before you start with wordpress use to create a domain name for yourself first. Its extremely cheap, in malaysia it costs around Rm9 per month only. Rm59 per year. After which is done, then use your cpanel to link it wordpress and start using a theme to instantly start creating your content.

Best is to use either or

These are the outmost basic first 5 steps you must do in order to succeed later on. Don’t give up, be strong and keep trying! Once all the above is done then we can move on to marketing it. This will be shared on another post on how to start it easily.

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