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How to trick your brain to do hard things

All entrepreneurs , founders , managers have so many things to do that some things just don’t excite them anymore and it gets boring, but no choice still gotta do it otherwise you wont have the title anymore.

Below is a detailed video of the explanation . However this article is the summarised version and only the important points for an asian business men.

Its tough to do things you don’t like. However its these tough things which will you help go the next level, one step further than the average person, and this will determine whether you succeed or not.

Different things excite you because of a hormone called dopamine. Usually you secret dopamine when you see a reward for it. For example you like Pizza so much, you secrete dopamine when you think of the taste, it is this taste(reward) which secretes dopamine and eventually you have the will power to go and buy it. However, if you eat it for the next 5 days consistently, eventually you get used to it and dont secrete dopamine anymore because the reward which is taste has already been tried many times and you eventually get fed up of it, thus the reward is not there anymore thus no dopamine released thus no more excitement to it.

There is one way to actually get yourself to like doing the hard things. Tricking your brain into thinking that this mundane stuff or this boring stuff is actually fun.

Before we jump into it, imagine how taking drugs for the first time can make you very high and give you an excitement feeling. This feeling comes because drugs secretes some hormone which is the one which gives you good feelings and make you into a state of excitement all the time. Thus you get hooked onto drugs, because that feeling feels so good that you keep wanting more.

However, after a while you will need to take a larger dose of the same drug because you would eventually be less sensitive to the effects, this is called TOLERANCE.

Whats the Secret ?

The same thing goes with dopamine, you keep releasing it for something but eventually develop tolerance towards the dopamine released. This is when normal things just feel boring and you dont get that excitement anymore, only high activities like games , social media will give you the excitement and normal things like working, reading, studying just don’t give you the energy needed to do it.

Thus, the way to make normal things exciting again is by DETOX. Yes, similar to how you drink detox drinks for your stomach, this time you need to do a detox of your hormone to get back to normal state.

For 2-3 days, do not use your phone, do not play games, do not do anything which excites you. This way you are detoxing your hormones to normal state by not releasing much of it. By not doing exciting things for a few days, you will eventually become used to the boring stuff . Once you start the next day, and when you do the basic stuff it’ll make it more rewarding and much easier to complete the tasks, as now the normal stuff doesn’t seem like normal anymore.

Hope this helps you get back on track!


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